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Heritage Homestead Goat Dairy

At MGV, we take immense pride in supporting our local farmers and promoting the vibrant agricultural community in the High Country. Meet Carol and Lon Coulter, the passionate minds behind a licensed goat dairy that produces exceptional products. Their farm stands as a shining example of the dedication and commitment that goes into creating the finest locally-sourced delights.


As a token of our appreciation, we gladly donated our resources to produce a short video that showcases the Coulter's farm and contributes to the Agritourism initiative in our farming community. This heartfelt project captures the essence of their operation, allowing viewers to witness the love and care poured into every step of the process.


Join us on a journey to the Coulter's farm, where picturesque landscapes and adorable goats are just the beginning. Through this video, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into producing the highest quality goat milk products. Experience the warmth of the farm, the joy of interacting with friendly animals, and the unique connection between farmers and their land.


By highlighting the Agritourism initiative, we invite you to become a part of this vibrant community. Discover the beauty of the farming lifestyle, support local businesses, and forge a deeper connection with the land that sustains us. Together, let's celebrate the rich tapestry of agriculture and promote a sustainable future.


At MGV, we are honored to play a role in sharing the stories of our remarkable farmers. Through our video production, we hope to amplify their voices, celebrate their hard work, and inspire others to explore the wonders of our local farming community. Join us in supporting Carol and Lon Coulter as they continue to cultivate excellence in goat milk products, enriching our lives with their delicious contributions.


Experience the magic of the farm, celebrate the spirit of Agritourism, and savor the taste of locally-produced goodness. Together, let's cultivate a future that cherishes and supports our local farmers.

Heritage Homestead  Goat Dairy
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